Get Your First Long, High-Res Stare at Sony's PS4 Interface

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some clean and clear still shots of Sony's PS4 user interface have appeared online, giving gamers their first chance to imagine sitting in front of it for 16 hours a day. It's blue, it's boxy, it's pretty enough.

The images, which Kotaku pulled off a Japanese gaming site, show the individual profile page, complete with its next-generation integration of Sony's Trophies achievements system, with the personal page taking on more of a social network vibe thanks to listing your previous activities and links to any media you've shared using PS4's image and video capturing tools.

The grabs also show the sharing screen and its simple video trimming abilities...

...and give us a better look at the other user interface features Sony rambled on and on and on about during last week's launch event. It's modern and inoffensive through and through. [Kotaku]