Google Chrome Is Blocking a Bunch of Major Sites for Malware, Even YouTube

By Eric Limer on at

If you were just cruising around the web today and got hit smack in the face with a Google Chrome malware error, you weren't the only one. A whole number of sites from such as imgur, DeviantArt, The San Francisco Chronicle, and YouTube were blocked for many users citing malware from

Reports started bubbling up on Twitter this afternoon, and list a whole slew of websites that appear to be affected. The cause of the alerts is unknown, as is where the malware came from and what it's trying to do, provided it is more than some sort of false positive. If there is something truly sketch afoot, chances are it wormed its way in through ad networks. It'll probably be cleaned up soon, but in the meantime it's probably wise to steer clear if "infected" sites if you can. [The Verge]