Google Glass Part Two: Super Double Binocular Vision

By Gary Cutlack on at

Patent watchers have uncovered a filing from Google which goes into some heavy detail about future developments of its Google Glass project, with the company registering a dual-HUD system that uses a laser alignment tool to keep the graphical overlays in the right spot above both eyes.

These lasers will guide a set of "mechanical actuators" that are embedded inside the nose bridge of the specs, creating bizarre, self-adjusting, motorised specs that would automatically adjust themselves to keep the output correctly orientated. Google Glass's current one-eye overlay is simpler. Two overlays will send our brains haywire unless properly synced.

The patent allows for the mechanical tuning to happen when you put the specs on initially, or could be used continuously throughout the day. Are you ready for a world in which having little whirring motor on your face is the norm? [Patent Bolt via PhoneArena]