Google Street View Captured a Couple Getting Naked in a Fitting Room

By Casey Chan on at

Because Google Street View is the all seeing eye of the universe, it has done wonderful things like go underwater, trek the Grand Canyon and... blessing us with an endless amount of laughter because of the ridiculous things Street View finds. This one might top it all though. A couple was found pants down (or I guess, underwear down) in a fitting room, presumably about to get freaky.

The sexy snap shot was found in a French extreme sports store called Krakatoa. Either the naked couple found it titillating being surrounded by Nike Skateboarding, Carhartt, DC shoes and an ever so thin fabric divider or decided to pull a prank on Google Street View. No matter what though, when that Google Street View camera comes around, it's the visual record for the world to see. Be careful!

You can see the naked couple in the first steps toward love making here [Daily Dot, BetaBeat]