Google's Terribly-Named "Super Sync Sports" is the Best Way to Waste Five Minutes

By Chris Mills on at

Google, famously good at wasting money on seemingly pointless projects, has come up with a corker: a series of crappy Miniclip-style sports/racing/tapping-at-screen games where you use your smartphone as a gamepad to control the game on your computer. Why? Because.

Basically, you log onto the Google Super Sync Sports website, log in, and select your event. (You get a choice from swimming, cycling, and running. Spoiler alert: they all involve stroking your smartphone screen in an attempt to make a blob go round a track faster.) Then, you direct your mobile web browser to a URL, enter a code, and voila, your phone is synced. You can then battle (single player or multi) to win your little race.

Highlight include: a player that looks like a blanket, a help icon possibly more annoying than Windows XP's Clippy, and music guaranteed to induce suicide within minutes. But then again, the point of this isn't really to be an entertaining game -- rather, it's a demonstration of impressively lag-free connections between a smartphone and a computer. But still, it's good for a few lawlz.

Now, to fully embrace the spirit of the multiplayer bit, I'll be in the comments awaiting challengers. [Google]