Half-Price Bubbly is Your "Real Men Drown Their Sorrows in Moet" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Quick -- let's celebrate something. Let's celebrate ANYTHING! It could be a birthday, an anniversary or a successful check-up at the dentists. It doesn't matter -- we just want to hear the popping of a champagne cork and some hip-hip-hooraying.

Which conveniently brings us to this -- a flash sale of bubbly on the Tesco website. There's 50% off the price of a handful of different brands, so get stuck in and we can all raise a toast to, well, to the fact that we've saved you some money on the champagne that we're celebrating with. It's whatever the opposite of a vicious circle is. CHEERS!


Today's Bonus Dealz:

Star Trek TNG: The Best Of Both Worlds (Blu-ray pre-order) -- only £6.99 delivered.
- Need For Speed Most Wanted (PS Vita) -- only £15.99.
- The Humble Bundle Mojam 2 -- pay what you want!
- XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC) -- just £9.60 with code.
- WD 2TB Red hard drive -- only £82.98.
- Hitman HD Trilogy (Xbox 360) - £13.48 with code.
HTC One (500 mins, unlimited texts and data) -- £26 per month £65 upfront.
- Seagate 3TB Barracuda Internal Hard Drive -- only £88.99 with code.
- 11 nights in Orlando (flights, car hire and hotel) - only £405 per person.

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