Halo Developer's Next Game Reveal Coincides With Sony's PS4 Event...

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bungie, the Halo creator and developer that's now a freelance gun in the employ of mega-publisher Activision, is teasing a new product. It'll be the Destiny game that's been leaked endlessly over recent months. Only... the teaser coincides with Sony's supposed PS4 launch date of February 20th.

Which could mean several things. Previous Microsoft stooge Bungie might want to scupper Sony's big day by revealing an Xbox 720 launch game. Or, seeing as we've previously learnt that Destiny is a multi-format game, perhaps it could be ready to show off PS4 concept images? Imagine the testosterone that would pump into the youth of the world.

Either way, things are about to get very exciting for gamers. Unless you're a Wii U owner, in which case nothing's going to happen for six months and you're best off packing it away until Christmas. [Bungie teaser via CVG]