Han Solo's Apparently Back to Save Star Wars Episode VII

By Sam Gibbs on at

Star Wars, post the whinny-Anakin years, wouldn't be good without Han Solo, and Han Solo without Harrison Ford, well, that'd just be plain rubbish. Thankfully, Ford's apparently on-board. Star Wars Episode VII with JJ Abrams and Harrison Ford might not actually suck.

Treat this still as rumour and conjecture, but apparently the source, Latino Review scooper El Mayimbe, is famed for being in the know about these things, so it's likely he's on the money when he says it's a done deal.

If you look at other things Ford's done recently, like Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull they haven't totally sucked, so I have high hopes here. Come on JJ, do us a solid and don't ruin our childhood memories of the cherished saga more than Lucas already has. [Latino Review via Total Film]