Has iOS 6.1 Nuked Your iPhone's Battery Life?

By Sam Gibbs on at

By the looks of it, Apple's latest and greatest iOS 6.1 update has broken quite a few things. Vodafone's having issues, and apparently it's destroyed the battery life of quite a few people's iPhones, according to Apple's message boards at least. Has anyone seen a drop in battery life?

Apparently it could be to do with a looping bug with Exchange sync. Something to do with repeating calendar appointments. Some people are seeing as much as a 3 per cent drop in battery life every minute, which is pretty crazy.

I can't say I've seen this, in fact, the battery life of my iPhone 4S has actually gotten better by about a third with jailbroken iOS 6.1. Then again, I only really noticed the enhanced battery life after jailbreaking, so who knows whether I should thank iOS 6.1 or team Evad3rs for that.

Fixes apparently include a full factory restore; removing your email account and reconfiguring it, or a settings reset from the Settings menu. Frankly, you shouldn't need to do this. I know not every update is going to go perfectly as there's just no way to test every configuration, but is this another slip from Apple? Maybe just a small one. [Apple, 2 via MacWorld]