Here's Your Last Chance to See a Bit of TV History

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're a BBC enthusiast and would like to have a nose around the famous Television Centre building before it's closed in favour of the Beeb's new offices, you've got about a week left to sort it out and get in there.

The BBC says it'll stop hosting official tours around TV Centre on February 22nd, so it can box everything up, clear up all the suspicious stains from where Top of the Pops used to be filmed, and ship everything and everyone out to its refurbished offices in central London's Broadcasting House while also sending a few staff up to Manchester.

It costs £11.75 for an adult tour around the famed round building, or £9 if you can convince them you're a student -- although Blue Peter Badge winners under the age of 16 get in free. [BBC]