How a Film Crew Captured Four—Count 'Em, Four—Simultaneous Volcanic Eruptions

By Andrew Tarantola on at

A volcano erupting on its own is no big deal; they're like earthquakes, no one cares unless it's catastrophic. But to have four separate volcanic cones — each fed by separate magma sources — all erupting within 110 miles of one another simply doesn't happen. Ever. This must be what witnessing Haley's Comet was like.

The Moscow-based Airpano film crew captured the spectacular scenes of the Tolbachick volcano above after rushing to the barren wastes of the Kamchatka Peninsula after a shoot of Mumbai's five-star hotels. After battling -31-degree air temperatures, boot-sole-melting ground temps, and stiff 15m/s winds, the team was able to utilise a pair of RC hex-drones and capture generate this incredible panorama of the area. It's absolutely breathtaking. [Airpano via Spiegel via Metafilter]