How to Coach a Winning Team With the Note II

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It’s time to take the next step in coaching techniques, and the Samsung GALAXY Note II is here is make sure you get the best out of your players.

Sport is advancing technically and to be able to keep up with the opposition you need the latest tools at your disposal to create a winning formula and stay one step ahead of your rivals.

There’s a whole host of applications that can make this process easier, and with the Samsung GALAXY Note II you have the perfect touchline companion, be it on the training ground or on match day.

The power of the quad-core processor, accuracy of the S Pen and quality of the 5.5-inch display on the Note II means you’ve got a match winner in the palm of your hand before you even leave the dressing room.


Training - Coach's Eye

Technique is key in any sport and perfecting the right motion can be the difference between winning and losing, but it’s difficult to explain to someone how they can improve, or what they are doing wrong.

Luckily if you have a Samsung GALAXY Note II in your pocket with Coach’s Eye (£3.15) installed that all becomes a lot easier.

It allows a coach to video a player’s technique through the Note II’s 8MP camera and then replay it, frame by frame to see the exact body shape and motion of the player.

You can also use it to film a group of players performing a drill or playing out tactics, with instant on screen review allowing you to make changes to formation on the fly, without having to go inside and watch on a TV.

With Coach’s Eye and the S Pen that comes with the Samsung GALAXY Note II, a coach can easily click through the frames of the video and apply annotations on screen to highlight certain aspects to others.

The accuracy of the S Pen coupled with the generous display on the Note II means even a group of players can see what the coach is doing on screen.

This allows the whole training process to become more efficient and in-depth, with coaches able to react immediately to what’s happening on the training ground without having to go away and review footage before feeding back to the players.

Voice notes can also be added to the footage and then emailed from the GALAXY Note II to support staff for further analysis on various techniques, training methods and tactics.


Training - GoPro

If you fancy getting up close and personal with training sessions, but don’t want to actually get in the way then the GoPro cameras are a great tool for getting a player’s eye view of the action.

The handy thing about the GoPro offering is its dedicated app, which allows you to remotely control the cameras from the Samsung GALAXY Note II, and with its generous 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display the live video streamed is crystal clear.

With coaches able to switch between cameras and start/stop recording at any given point only the best footage is captured, which saves time when it comes to reviewing it as you don’t have to wade through the unimportant parts.


Analysis - Dartfish EasyTag

The Dartfish EasyTag application allows you to process data in real time, be it from the training ground or live on match day.

The program has been traditionally used on laptops, but thanks to the power of the GALAXY Note II’s quad-core processor you can now use the system on the phone, making it far more convenient for those sitting in the dug out, or standing on the edge of the pitch.

Adaptable for a whole host of sports, you can customise the Dartfish EasyTag app to suit your needs with on the fly calculations for a range of useful stats.

Using the GALAXY Note II S Pen you can quickly and easily set up the Dartfish EasyTag app with the parameters you wish to measure, saving the settings for next time and even creating multiple set ups depending on what activity you’re monitoring.

Thanks to the 16GB of internal memory and microSD card slot you can store a large amount of data on the GALAXY Note II, which can then be easily transferred to a computer for further analysis if required.


Analysis - EyeTV Netstream

You can do all the preparation humanly possible before game, but when it comes down to it anything can happen on the day.

Luckily if there are cameras in the stadium, and you have a friendly word with the technically boffins there, you could end up with a live stream of the game on GALAXY Note II.

The 5.5-inch, HD Super AMOLED display means picture quality will be crystal clear and using an app like EyeTV Netstream and the associated plug-in receiver as well as watching the game from the bench, you can also rewind and replay the game, if you need to see that crunching tackle or defensive mishap again.

It also allows coaches to review strategy during a game and keep tabs on individual player performances, while physios can benefit from re-watching the cause on an injury, allowing them to administer more accurate treatment. (Note: EyeTV Netstream is only available in selected territories).


Connectivity - Dropbox

When you’ve gathered all your data, statistics and video footage you’ll want to share it with other staff members and the players so you can highlight certain aspects, and a great way to do this is via Dropbox.

The GALAXY Note II gives you quick and easy access to the Dropbox app with simple file sharing allowing you to send files to colleagues in matter of seconds without having to go anywhere near a computer.

Samsung also offers every customer a massive 50GB of free Dropbox cloud storage, giving you the perfect building block to start sharing on your Note II.

Coupled with the large screen on the Note II, you can easily view any media that is sent across, be it a spreadsheet or a video, meaning that you can review performances and tactics on the move – making the whole process far more efficient.


Connectivity - VNC Viewer

VNC, or Virtual Network Computing, is now possible with the Samsung GALAXY Note II thanks to its HD Super AMOLED display and powerful quad-core processor, meaning you don’t need to be in the office to access your computer.

This means you can always have access to key files, even when on the training ground – great if you have backroom staff constantly updating spreadsheets with data being fed back to them from training sessions.

If you have access to GPS trackers, you can attach them to players to record parameters such as distance travelled and speed, which in turn can be transferred back to a computer and accessed via the VNC Viewer application (£6.99).

The S Pen is a key tool when using the VNC Viewer application on the GALAXY Note II as it provides the level of accuracy of a computer mouse, which lets you move around your desktop and various programs easily.

Note: Some of the apps recommended above may not be available in selected territories.


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