HTC is Kim Jong-Un's Manufacturer of Choice

By Chris Mills on at

HTC's quarterly profits are in, and it's bad news all round -- a 91 per cent slump. All that could be about to change, though, as HTC's just received the celebrity endorsement every smartphone manufacturer dreams of. Yes, an HTC phone is the go-to device of the Supreme Leader of North Korea, Sexiest Man of the Year and all-round badass horse-rider, Kim Jong-un.

The revelation comes from a photo released by North Korean state media, which shows Kimmy in a meeting with national security advisors, looking all leader-y with piles of paper, and, of course, the requisite smartphone positioned next to him on the table. The photo's not totally clear in showing the device, but it certainly looks look a black HTC Desire.

Sadly, the free publicity may come a little late for HTC. Their net profit for Q4 2012 was down a whopping 91 per cent from Q4 2011, with revenues down 40 per cent in the same period. This means that not only are they seemingly selling fewer handsets, but their profit margins are being squeezed to dangerously low levels.

The only potential ray of hope for the beleaguered Taiwanese firm is news from China, where shipments are increasing significantly, and they've announced plans to move into the low-end smartphone market. Maybe that's why they're so happy with Kim Jong-un's endorsement -- though they wouldn't comment specifically on whether or not Kim's go-to device is an HTC, they did say that they "appreciated the support of all users". [The Telegraph]