Humongous Near-Earth Asteroids Don't Look So Scary in a Time-Lapse

By Eric Limer on at

Most of us got a little distracted from uneventful passing of near-Earth asteroid DA14 after that unrelated meteorite decided to slam into Russia. Photographer Colin Legg keep his eyes—and camera—on DA14 though, and put together this time-lapse of its flyby that makes it seem like an insignificant little dot.

Legg took the footage from Western Australia with a 5D Mark II and a 6D and pointed towards the sky, taking shots about every nine seconds. And despite all the buzz, DA14 is actually pretty hard to spot up there amid all the other dots; it's the one really cooking across the screen, starting at the top left corner and heading toward the bottom.

That other meteorite that took a trip a little closer to Earth and decided to visit Russia showed us first-hand what it could have been like if DA14 was a little closer, but it doesn't look so bad way up there. [Colin Legg via PetaPixel]