Hundreds of Tesco Clubcard Accounts Hacked

By Chris Mills on at

Are you one of the UK's 16 million (!) Tesco Clubcard users? Because if so, you might want to check your account -- police are investigating a probable fraud, after hundreds of people have reported that their loyalty card accounts have been hacked.

The investigation started after MoneySavingExpert noticed a number of complaints on their forums over users who noticed a couple hundred quid's worth of points missing from their online accounts. Further reports speak of the email address and name on accounts being changed, which is pretty mean of the hackers. A Tesco spokeswoman said this afternoon:

"We have launched a thorough investigation into a small number of incidents and referred the matter to the police. In the meantime, we'd like to ask any customers who believe they're affected to contact us directly so that we can make sure their accounts are up to date."

Given that Clubcard points can buy you serious stuff like new TVs or holidays, they have a real-world value, and like anything with a real-word value, they can and will be stolen. If you've been saving up points to buy a job-lot of horse beefburgers (and maybe lasagne too), you'd better check your account. And, y'know, if your password is "clubcard" or "tesco" or something like that, change it, you numpty. [MoneySavingExpert via The Guardian]

If you've been hacked, contact the Clubcard customer service team on 0800 591 688, and/or the police on 101. 

Image credit: Robber from Shutterstock