If This Is What the HTC One Really Looks Like, Would You Buy It?

By Gary Cutlack on at

A serious bit of smartphone leakage flooded parts of the internet last night, with new, high-res images emerging of the black HTC One joining the white one we've seen before. It's kind of nice, featuring a bit of old school HTC grille action, but you can never really tell until you've had a proper go on a phone, can you?

The supposed HTC One looks radically different for an HTC model, thanks to the completely reworked HTC Sense user interface. The days of the classic HTC flip clock are sadly over. But what of the phone itself? It doesn't appear to have the same space-age construction that featured in last year's excellent One X and One S high-spec models, which is a bit of a shame, but then again perhaps this means HTC will be able to pump it out at a low price?

So. Excited? Pondering a 24-month sentence in return for one? Will this be the phone that turns it all around for HTC? [Unwired View]