If You Thought Chinese Knock-Off Movies Were Funny, Wait Till You See the Games in Kenya

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever thought that GTA needed a little bit of a SAW injection, or maybe even a spot of Kirk Douglas? No, me neither, but the batshit-crazy knock-off modded games shops in Kenya think you do, and that's not the weirdest part of it.

Forget the Chinese pirated movies, this lot are off the chain. Apparently the modded, totally unlicensed games are the product of the fine people at Syrian Games. They must have some really, really weird outlooks on life. I mean, what's with the My-Little-Pony-style Robocop? Or the grumpiest looking kid instead of the great Tony Hawk? And, in what reality does a World War II soldier come kitted out with a heads-up-display visor, and a rifle that looks like it came straight out of Halo (or Future Soldier for that matter)?


Boggles the mind. Check out the rest of the barmy army of video game mash-ups at [The Gameological Society, 2 via Kotaku]