Inside an Amish Tech Trade Show

By Jamie Condliffe on at

You'd be unlikely to see many Amish folks at CES or MWC or any other technology expo—because, for a start, many of them don't use electricity. But don't feel sorry for them, because they have a trade show all of their own.

While Amish people might not use tablets, computers or phones, they still need to do DIY—perhaps more than most of us, in fact. NPR reports that the Buckeye Tool Expo in Dalton, Ohio, is the place Amish people visit to check out the latest power tools that circumvent their self-imposed rules, and let rip with everything from power drills to table saws.

There are over a hundred retailers at the show, all showing off tech suitable for the Amish. That means compressed air tools are a common feature, as they needn't collude with the devil and use 120 volts, as well as electricity-free lighting solutions. By which we mean skylights. Ah, sweet progress. [NPR]

Image by Holme County Shopper