Is a Yoda Spin-Off Movie Really a Good Idea?

By Sam Gibbs on at

So, Disney's well and truly taking the Star Wars franchise by the scruff of the neck, even bagging JJ Abrams to govern the ship. But now it's looking at Yoda spin-off. Yoda: The Early Years somehow leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but am I being just a bitter old sod?

AICN has it that Disney's first standalone Star Wars franchise movie will be some sort of Yoda story, either a continuation of the story, possibly in the Clone Wars era, or a young Yoda story. That reeks of X-Men: First Class to me, and well, that would ruin a fantastic franchise in my opinion. Vodafone's already got Yoda selling his soul.

But what do you all think? Should the remaining trilogy be made, and then Star Wars left alone, or is Disney right to try and pump as much money out of it as possible? [AICN via Total Film]