It's Probably Safe to Assume that Everything "Value" and Produced in France is, In Fact, Horse

By Sam Gibbs on at

I can't quite believe how much horse has been shovelled into our daily diets -- I didn't realise they farmed and culled horses in such vast quantities -- but yet more horsemeat 'Italian' meals have been found. Tesco's discovered its 'Everyday Value' beef spaghetti bolognese was, in fact, at least 60 per cent horse.

Again, Comigel is the culprit, the French food producer behind the Findus 'beef' lasagneigh and Tesco's horse burgers, which has lead Tesco to strike it off its supplier list. The Food Standard Agency is pushing tough new tests to scrutinise food to make sure it's actually what it says on the tin. That includes food supplied to schools, hospitals, prisons and the military, because if you thought they got anything other than value products, you're off your rocker.

It's probably a good thing that all this has come out, because it means we'll have a more rigorous guarantee that the unidentifiable meat you're chowing down on is actually what it's meant to be, and not rat, horse or something else entirely alien. All this Comigel stuff could be so much worse of course -- imagine if they'd found human DNA in Tesco value beef burgers. [Independent]

Image credit: Horse from Shutterstock