Japanese Exoskeleton Complies With Two Key Laws of Robotics -- Looks Cool and Can Handle Stairs

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a newly enhanced robot helper about to assist in cleansing the streets (and nuclear dead zones) of Japan, with this latest "disaster recovery" exoskeleton supposedly only a year away from being put into service.

The weight of the 60kg suit is offset by the supporting leg braces and motors, with the developers at Japan's University of Tsukuba using existing Cyberdyne parts to build their latest human enhancer. It comes with a built-in cooling system, heart rate and breathing monitors and a stainless steel "bodice" that protects the wearer from radiation, allowing users to stay in bad places for longer.

There's a video of it slowly stomping into a room full of nervous journalists on YouTube here. No one gets accidentally crushed, and, as is always the case with robotics, everyone gets very excited when it goes up some stairs. [SankeiBiz via Dvice]