Japan's Government is Seeding Fake Files on P2P Networks With Anti-Piracy Plea Inside

By Gary Cutlack on at

Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs has been placing fake pirated material up on the country's most popular file-sharing networks, which attempt to shame media-stealers into changing their ways by delivering a polite warning once downloaded.

The scheme, which local enforcers refer to as Operation Decoy File, instead serves downloaders with a PDF file, warning that: "Knowingly downloading and of course uploading files that are protected by copyright law without the consent of the owner over the Internet is illegal copyright infringement," requesting that the bad boy or girl "Please stop immediately."

If that polite request isn't enough, the warning file also informs users that Japan now has the possibility of a two-year jail term lined up to punish hardcore pirates. [Rocket News via TorrentFreak]