Jessops Is About to Make a Comeback

By Sam Gibbs on at

Are you stoked that Jessops isn't dead? Want to jump on the Peter Jones revival bandwagon? Well, now you can, because the new Jessops website is almost here, and you can sign up for updates! Amazing.

Along with a "sign up for relaunch updates" Jessops "Photo" is up and running, allowing you to buy all manner of photobooks, prints and calendars. In fact there's even some free photo software for you to download -- exciting stuff.

I guess when you're an online-only business, flogging cameras against giants like Amazon, then you have to try and do something a bit extra. Photobooks aren't it for me, but maybe they are to the punters of Jessops of old? We'll see how long Jessops online can last. Peter Jones does seem to know what he's doing though, as he's the owner of Expansys, which seems to be doing alright. [Jessops via Amateur Photographer via TechRadar]