Kim Dotcom: Super-Paranoid, Mega Email Is on the Way

By Sam Gibbs on at

Are you a tiny bit paranoid that people are reading your email? You know, those that aren't meant to be reading your email. I have good news for you. Kim Dotcom's bringing Mega-style email your way -- fully encrypted, government-snooping proof email.

Talking to the Guardian, Dotcom said:

"We're going to extend this to secure email which is fully encrypted so that you won't have to worry that a government or internet service provider will be looking at your email."

I can't say I'm that paranoid, but if Mega is any indication it might actually be worth using. Hell, next time you're trying to buy something slightly dodgy, or just for your girlfriend's birthday, ultra-locked down, super-paranoid email might come in handy. [The Guardian]