Let Your iPhone Toot Its Own Horn With These Custom Brass Amplifiers

By Eric Limer on at

There are plenty of speaker solutions out there for turning your iOS device something of a future-boombox, but none are quite as awesomely old-school as using re-purposed brass instruments.

Hand-made by sculptor Christopher Locke, each "Analog Tele-Phonographer" is a custom piece constructed from one particular bass instrument and morphed into an amplifier that'll pump up the volume with no additional power. All the pieces are for sale, from roughly £300, and you can even commission Locke if you've got something specific in mind. At the moment, Locke has two available, one a French horn, the other a French horn-trumpet hybrid, for £350 and £500 respectively. Or you could make your own, but good luck with that. [Heartless Machine via Boing Boing]