Looks Like a Phones 4u Is Going to Make Its Own Phones Too

By Sam Gibbs on at

Not content with pushing out its own mobile network, it seems Phones 4u wants to make its own phones too. It's apparently partnering with ZTE to make it happen. Would you buy an own-brand Phones 4u handset?

ZTE makes quite a few of its own phones, which are normally cheap but pretty good -- not Nexus 4-good of course -- and it makes own-brand handsets for the likes of Orange, like the San Francisco and Monte Carlo. But making a Phones 4u phone? Somehow that just sounds wrong.

Then again, they're not really likely to be aimed at me, or you for that matter, because if you're reading this you're probably after a high-end flagship phone. But your Mum, your sister, or your Dad might buy one. Can you imagine the trifector of ultimate lock-in -- buy your own-brand phone, directly from Phones 4u, on its network to boot. Something about that stinks for me.

Anyway, if you're after what'll likely be cheap Android phones, Phones 4u might have the answer, but it'll have to dig really deep to compete with the £240 Nexus 4, at least in my book. [Twitter via Cnet]