Looks Like Siri Really Is Coming to the Mac, Maybe

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's rather annoying personal butler is coming to the Mac, if Apple's latest job posting is any indication anyway. Sounds like Siri's going to be able to interact with and control pretty much any app on a Mac. But would that really be a good thing?

Siri is less broken in the UK now, but still isn't entirely useful in most situations. The only thing I ever use it for is unit conversions, and changing music tracks in the car (yes, it is possible, but only if you shout really loudly at the phone stuck to your windscreen).

Can you imagine using Siri in an office setting, or actually anywhere you're not in the privacy of your own home? Legions of Mac users all shouting at their computers -- Do this Siri. Do that Siri. Bugger off Siri -- I can't imagine anything worse. Technically you can already dictate stuff straight into your Mac, which uses something of the Siri voice-recognition engine, but thankfully I haven't actually seen anyone use it in public.

I think we should start a pact now, a decree that no one will use Siri if it launches on the Mac in anything resembling a public space. For the love of all that is silent, holy, and human, don't start shouting at your computers. Please. [Apple via TechCrunch]