Margaret Thatcher's Bomb-Proof Rolling 1980s Battle Bus Sold for £17k

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some lucky political historian and/or transport enthusiast has just acquired an extremely bizarre and unique vehicle, with this custom-made, strengthened bus, once used to shuffle the lady PM between appointments, fetching £16,940 at auction.

The auctioneer said the 28 tonne, armour-plated bus is believed to have been built during the 1980s, and was used only for Thatcher's "Hell & Handbags" tour of intimate venues and clubs in Northern Ireland at the height of her reign of terror. The bus only has 28,000km on the clock and, given the "issues" facing Northern Ireland at the time, features a bomb-proof, armour-plated body, blast-proof floor, strengthened glass and enough room for 35 people to feel safe and secure when driving through crowds of people who don't like them very much.

Despite the military spec, Thatcher's tour bus was given a mundane paint job and features the logo of some random bus company on the side, to help it blend in when out and about.

Apparently the bus originally shipped with its own internal generator and private air supply, making its sealable environment impervious to chemical, biological and even nuclear attacks. We know she was quite unpopular back then, but nuking Thatcher might've been taking protesting a little far. [Guardian]