Massively Multiplayer Bomberman is How to Spend Your Afternoon/Evening/Life

By Gary Cutlack on at

Bombermine is an unofficial, online Bomberman clone, allowing up to 1,000 people to walk around in squares, lay bomb-shaped eggs and run away to hide from the blast. Which was, and still is, one of the all time classic multiplayer experiences.

In this new MMO take on the 2D combat puzzler, you never get booted out of the game. Die and you simply respawn again, which takes away some of the feeling of danger, but at least there's a score table to keep track of the most prolific bomb-killers and it means you can spend all day doing nothing else but play Bomberman.

It's also been updated and/or spoiled by having an internet chat bar placed down the side of the action, which, as time of writing, seems to be populated mostly by children having their first go at being racists.

Still, ignore that bit and it's free internet Bomberman, which is always going to be a 9/10 experience at the very least. [Bombermine via TNW]