Microsoft is Apparently now "Cooler" With the Kids

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you are lucky enough to be, or happen to hang around with people under the age of 29, they may well have a new favourite fashionable tech company -- Mircrosoft. Yes, the same one. The Windows one. The old Bill Gates one. It's apparently quite cool now.

According to a survey of the over-18s and the under-29s by Reuters and Ipsos, a shade under half of those asked thought Microsoft to be more fashionable now than it was last year. This hard-trending new Microsoft managed to out-grow the perception of Facebook, which only appeared to have become more liked in the minds of 42 per cent of those asked.

The Surface tablets, the continuing growth of Xbox and its edging toward the mainstream with its Kinect controller, and Windows Phone 8's omnipresent, colourful marketing are fingered as having helped turn things around for the previously uncool tech giant.

MS is still the nerdiest kid in the playground, though, with 60 percent saying Apple's got cooler of late and 70 per cent preferring to be seen with Google's Android brand. [Reuters via The Register]