Mobile Complaint Stats Say iPhone is Three Times as Reliable as Samsung's Galaxy Models

By Gary Cutlack on at

Data compiled and analysed by tech troubleshooting firm Fixya claims Apple's mobiles are a staggering three times more reliable than Samsung's phones, in a mass test involving Apple, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia Lumia models.

The data has been put together by comparing the number of problem reports harvested by Fixya with estimated mobile use market share data pulled in from web monitor Statcounter, which Fixya has then used to estimate the percentage of unhappy users complaining about each model of phone.

The resulting numbers (above) form a kind of crude reliability index, which claims that Motorola users are a ludicrous 25 times more likely to have a hardware or software complaint about their phone compared with Apple users.

It's hard to argue with the data, but we shall try as it sounds so absurd. Are Apple fans naturally a bit smugger and more content with their devices, and therefore less likely to complain? Do Android users return their phones to the manufacturer in a huff when their benchmark numbers come out a bit slow that day? Is the Motorola discontent caused by a few hundred people endlessly moaning about the lack of a Xoom Jelly Bean update on a daily basis?

Surely Motorola and the rest would be on Watchdog every week if these numbers were in any way representative of the way people actually feel about their phones? [Fixya via Cnet]