Modern-Day Bionic Man Costs About £640,000

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists working for forthcoming Channel 4 TV show How to Build a Bionic Man assembled the most cutting-edge prosthetic limbs available today, creating an incredibly versatile robot person for around $1m.

The end result is Rex, short for robotic exoskeleton, created by UK robot specialists Richard Walker and Matthew Godden. Key features of Rex include bionic ankles, which are cutting-edge, spring-loaded, motorised prosthetic limbs designed to help better approximate the human walking action, plus an artificial pancreas with the power to automate Rex's (non-existent) blood sugar levels itself, therefore carrying with it the potential to change the lives of diabetes sufferers the world over.

After the Channel 4 show is broadcast next week, robotic Rex himself will be on display at the Science Museum from February 7th until March 11th. [Telegraph]