Motorola's Battery-Tastic 4G Android Flagship, the RAZR HD, Is On Sale in the UK

By Chris Mills on at

The US has had it for a couple of months; now those of us bound to UK shores are getting a taste of Motorola's Android-powered smartphone, the RAZR HD. If you're a fan of long battery life, 4G and extra capital letters in your phone name, you can grab it right now from pretty much every online retailer, starting at around £400.

The RAZR HD is one of Moto's flagship Android devices, packing a  4.7-inch 1280x720p screen into a splashproof Kevlar body. Inside, you get Android 4.1 running on a 1.5Ghz Snapdragon processor, and 16GB of storage (upgradable through microSD). The standout feature, though, is the battery, which reliably gave us 24 hours of runtime in our tests.

You can read our review of the US version of the RAZR HD (and its beefier, longer-battery-life cousin, the RAZR HD MAXX, which won't be coming to the UK just yet) here, but to cut a long story short:

There is only one real reason to buy this phone above others, but it's a good one: battery life. There are faster, more powerful phones out there, but none that are as fast/powerful as this can last anywhere near as long. This is the phone you should take with you on business trips or long vacations, because you'll know you can use the hell out of it and it won't die.

That said, we reckon the RAZR HD MAXX is a better buy, since it offers a whopping two days of battery life for just a teensy bit of extra thickness. Sadly, Motorola declined to comment on a UK release when I contacted them, so wannabe MAXX owners are left in the lurch for now.

The usual culprits (Amazon, Expansys, Clove) are stocking SIM-free RAZR HDs at the moment; Motorola have plans for network releases "to follow". We're trying to get details on LTE compatibility now.