GIF-Lock, Carbon, and More

By Leslie Horn on at

We have a lot of bases to cover in the Android apps of the week. Pretend to be Homer Simpson, try a new Twitter client, or find a zany new GIF. Choice is yours.

MoviePass, Carbon, and MoreGIF-Lock: You love GIFs because you're a human and GIFs are universally awesome. Never get tired of a single animated image, with this app that gives you randomly-generated GIFs for your lock screen. Just shake your phone for a new one. Free

MoviePass, Carbon, and MoreCarbon: Don't like the look of you current Twitter client? Features are pretty standard, but with a black background Carbon is a nice aesthetic change as far as your user interface experience goes. Free

MoviePass, Carbon, and MoreThe Simpsons: Tapped Out: Big shocker right here, but Homer accidentally destroyed all of Springfield with a nuclear meltdown, and you have to rebuild. Help the bald guy find the rest of his family and friends, build the Springfield of your dreams, and earn donuts all along the way. Free