MS Office 2013 Locked to One Computer, Even If It's Nicked or Broken

By Gary Cutlack on at

This year's regeneration of Microsoft's Office tools will be locked to one computer. Once you've used your special activation password thing to activate it on one computer, that's it. No transfers, no hard drive upgrades, no shuffling it onto the laptop.

The move was confirmed in a brief email exchange between Microsoft and Computerworld, with the software giant simply replying with "Correct" when pushed on the subject of the sole computer issue.

Previously, Office users were able to "reassign" the license from one computer to another, allowing for upgrades, breakages and the like. But not any more. The move's part of Microsoft's push to force users to use its cloud-based Office 365 Premium service, which does allow multiple installs, and comes with the option of a monthly subscription fee or one-off payment. [Computerworld via Techradar]