New Social Network for the Dead Lets You Remember/Harass the Deceased

By Gary Cutlack on at

A new and rather poorly designed social network going by the name of Departed Life wants to make remembering dead people a new kind of internet fun, with its remembrance portal letting users set up memorials to the deceased.

Once logged in with a Facebook account, users are then able to search existing memorial pages or set up a new one. You don't need the permission of the dead person you're about to start stalking beyond the grave, with the site letting you stick up profiles for anyone on their behalf. It's a bit broken, though. Trying to set up a joke page regarding the death of "Hope" led to us getting served a OAuthException error message, although it did eventually put up the pretend profile.

The concept is that users come together to "revive unforgettable moments" by posting nice things, photos memories about the person. There's also the option to light a virtual candle in the form of a tacky animated GIF. [Departed Life via The Register]