Not Up For Backing a Death Star? How About an X-Wing Instead?

By Sam Gibbs on at

So, you didn't think backing the Death Star on Kickstarter was worth your hard-earned cash? How about an X-Wing instead? Yes, that's right, you too can get in at the ground level and help the Rebel Alliance build an X-Wing squadron to take on the might of the Imperial open-source Death Star -- only £7 million needed.

Yes, of course this is another joke, but I like it. Unlike the Death Star, they've bothered to come up with real goals too, including a whole squadron of the prototype X-Wings, the Millennium Falcon, and even a Y-Bomber.

Again, people are actually putting up money for the thing, and I'm not quite sure what that means. Are there legions of people on Kickstarter that simply hit back on anything just by reading the title? Or are people so enamoured with the joke that they simply can't help themselves. Either way, I'm assuming they'll get at least some of their money back, perhaps minus card processing fees. [Kickstarter]

Thanks Paul!

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