Now You Can Buy Your Very Own ED-209 Robocop Killer Robot

By Sam Gibbs on at

Your neighbours pissing you off? Pesky cats crapping all over your lawn? No problem. Just buy yourself this full-sized ED-209 killing machine from Robocop, and all your enemies will have just 20 seconds to comply before being blown to smithereens.

OK, so, no, it doesn't kill for you; it's only £16,000 for goodness sake. And given how unstable the thing was, that's probably a good thing. It doesn't exactly have the best track record as a body guard, that's for sure. Something tells me a killer robot version of the ED-209 would cost a heck of a lot more than the price of a Ford Focus. Anyway, plunk this thing in your garden and it should at least scare off the birds.

It's 10-foot tall, with pneumatic cylinders for legs, and apparently "may have been used as a stand-in" for Robocop 2. So, while its guns aren't functional, it's about as close as you're going to get to a real ED-209 to call your own. [Ebay via Kotaku]