Now You Can Run Full X86-Based Windows Apps on Your Surface RT

By Sam Gibbs on at

One of the biggest drawbacks with the Surface RT is that it can't run standard Windows apps written for x86 processors. Well, that was until the hacking hive-mind of XDA had a go. Now there's a new utility for your jailbroken Surface RT that'll potentially let you run more or less anything.

The tool is a bit buggy right now, being in the early stages of development and all, but it'll run things like 7Zip, WinRAR, and even Heroes of Might and Magic 3 without issue. At the moment you have to run the emulator separately, but the goal is to make it launch automatically when you fire up an x86 app. It works a bit like Wine too, so it's not a virtual machine-type system, meaning it's actually quite resource-light.

Anyway, if the Surface Pro's battery life just kills you, maybe the Surface RT running x86 apps is the way forward? Jump on over to XDA to check it out, and jailbreak your Surface while you're at it. [XDA via Hack a Day via LifeHacker]