O2 Bringing Back the Problem of "Crossed Lines" to a New Generation

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sporadic reports have been complaining of crossed lines on the O2 network, with the people of Birmingham apparently getting routed into and able to eavesdrop on the odd Scottish call.

One user on the AV Forums has a particularly grim experience to tell of this tech mix-up, saying: "Since yesterday every time I try to call my friend instead I get this automated type machine of a Scottish guy ranting."

The Register says O2 has acknowledged the problem and has received a "handful" of complaints about it, but this being the digital age where you can't blame a woman for poking a wire in the wrong hole for it happening, it can't provide an explanation for what's been going wrong just yet.

A quick web search for the issue reveals a few users suffering from crossed lines on the O2 network over the last few years, with the issue affecting the odd GiffGaff call as well. [The Register]

Image credit: Phone operator from Shutterstock