Ouya Hitting the Big Old Shops from June

By Gary Cutlack on at

The maker of the rampantly successful Ouya Android console has filled out its plans for launch, revealing that the cheap little gaming machine ought to explode when it hits the mighty Amazon this June.

As we already knew, the launch will be phased. Initial backers ought to start seeing their hardware arrive in March, with those who pre-order online now getting their portable little fun cubes and controllers in April. The big, traditional launch-launch will then follow in June, when Ouya will be stocked by Amazon, several of the other big US retailers and more physical shops.

It might be worth waiting for it to hit the tax-dodging retail giant. Online orders sending out to the UK attract a rather annoying $25 delivery fee, which is a pretty huge percentage increase on the cost of the box. Although, given we're likely to be charged £99 for the thing anyway when it hits the UK, we're obviously getting a crappy deal there, too. It's a classic UK lose-lose scenario.

In terms of numbers, Ouya's staying quiet. The 68,000 initial backers on Kickstarter is a banker, with Ouya's CEO Julie Uhrman pointing out that it's been taking more orders every day since as you might expect. So it could be at anything from 68,058 to five million. [WSJ via TNW]