Pebble Watch App Lets it Read all Notifications... From a Jailbroken iPhone

By Gary Cutlack on at

The interesting little Pebble smartwatch has been turbocharged by a clever coder, who's developed a way of giving it full access to all iPhone notifications. But you need a "jailbroken" Apple phone to fully exploit its power.

If you have already hacked open your iPhone, developer Conrad Kramer's "BTNotificationEnabler" tool inside unofficial hacked app store Cydia does the job. It removes Apple's limitation on what notifications can be sent via Bluetooth link, giving the e-ink smartwatch an extra few IQ points and bringing it up to the same level of compatibility as offered when hooking it up to an Android mobile.

Now if only they could redesign it a bit so it didn't look so... Amstrad. [Cult of Mac via Engadget]