Peter Jones From Dragons' Den Buys Jessops

By Sam Gibbs on at

I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news for the poor staff of the now defunct Jessops, but Peter Jones, he of Dragons' Den fame, has bought the brand in conjunction with a couple of other investors. According to the Telegraph, it's likely Jessops will become an internet-only retailer, ditching stores and therefore staff.

Apparently Hilco, the firm behind the HMV buyout has also bought something of Jessops, but at this stage it's unclear what. There was rumour of a Jessops-HMV mashup, in which the Jessops brand would be integrated into a kind of store-within-a-store section of HMV.

It's understood that the 187 Jessops stores are not part of either deal, which leaves the UK High Street with a fair few holes. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Jessops from Shutterstock