PS4 Controller "More or Less" the Same, but with Front Touchpad

By Gary Cutlack on at

Development sources who claim to be holding Sony's next-generation PlayStation4 controller in their hands right now say it does indeed come with the rumoured front touchpad that's been mooted for quite some time.

According to sources quoted by usually reliable games blog VG247, the PS4's controller is largely the same as the current generation Dual Shock, only with remodeled shoulder buttons and the Start and Select buttons shifted aside to make way for the touch input panel. Previous reports of there being a "share" button added to the controller (as in the above mock-up) to enable the capture and sharing of game grabs and footage were debunked, with this latest source claiming there's no such thing.

Hopefully we'll learn all about these exciting new buttons and pads at next week's big Sony event. [VG247]