PS4 Could Launch in November, Alongside PlayStation Cloud Online Streaming Tools

By Gary Cutlack on at

Yet more rumours regarding what Sony will/won't say at today's supposed PS4 unveiling have appeared, with sources claiming the machine will launch in two separate hardware versions for around £280 and £340.

The report, which comes via US aggregator Kotaku, says two units priced in local money at $429 and $529 will be available at launch this November, presumably offering different hard drive capacities and maybe more incentives, with the source also claiming a dedicated PS4 app will let users buy and manage games from a phone or tablet -- and there will be an Xbox Live-like subscription fee to access most of the online options.

Separately, it's also emerged that Sony's streaming division formulated out of the Gaikai acquisition, has registered several variants of the name PlayStation Cloud. Which is a pretty self-explanatory thing, no doubt handling Sony's purported online streaming plans.

We will hopefully know for certain in a matter of hours, with Sony's New York event scheduled to take place today at 6.00pm US time, or 11.00pm Good Old British Time. [Kotaku via CVG]