RAF Airbase Up For Sale On Ebay

By Chris Mills on at

Supervillains of the world, take note: there's a RAF airbase up for sale on eBay, and it's a steal at just £2.5 million. Oh, and it's even got a massive underground bunker. Chequebooks out and form an orderly queue, please.

It's got all the mod-cons you'd expect: security fencing, heli pads, and of course, a 2000 square metre underground bunker, a must for the discerning baddie nowadays. Of course, the £2.5 million asking price does put it in the higher range of stamp duty, so villains, you'll have to consider your budget carefully.

Only two previous owners -- the Royal Air Force, who I hear can be slightly messy occupants, and the previous guy, some chap who wanted to turn the bunker into a data centre. (Underground bunker? Data centre? Probably that hacking supervillain from Skyfall). Still, with a prime location like this, there's lots of potential. Nuclear missile silo? Loft conversion? What would you do with it, if you had the cash to burn? [eBay]

Image credit: Defence Image Database