Rogue Driving Test Examiner Pocketed £3,000 in Return for Guaranteeing a Pass

By Gary Cutlack on at

Police busted a driving test examiner this week, accusing him of pocketing large sums of money in exchange for securing test success for otherwise dodgy drivers.

Those investigating the case believe he may have "helped" around 100 drivers to get through their driving tests, with those under suspicion of having faked passes now in the process of having their ill-gotten licenses revoked.

And it wasn't just one rogue examiner struggling to meet his credit card repayments, either. Investigators from the Driving Standards Agency also arrested two driving instructors who they believe acted as agents, funneling potential payers to the dodgy examiner.

Andrew Rice, a fraud expert at the DSA, said: "We believe the candidates have approached their driving instructor, they've had a conversation saying for x amount of money we can guarantee you a pass. The candidate then agrees to that. The driving instructor then speaks to our member of staff and tells them which candidate to pass."

£3,000 seems like an awful lot of money to pay for a test pass, though. You could get loads of lessons and a decent old car for that. Reversing around a corner isn't that hard. [BBC via Jalopnik]

Image credit: Driving test from Shutterstock