Samsung Sells Three TVs Every Damn Second

By Sam Gibbs on at

Think about that for a moment. Three TVs every second of every day. I know Samsung makes a lot of TVs, from really great to, well, just plain not. But can you even imagine the mountain of screens that means the Koreans are churning out, and that's just the big stuff. That truly is a colossal number.

According to Samsung's President, BK Yoon:

"Three Samsung TVs are sold every second, and in 2012 we made $184bn (£117bn) in sales. We invest $9bn (£5.7bn) every year in R&D to develop the next big products."

It's no wonder Samsung is the world's biggest electronics manufacturer. If it's not making the products themselves, it basically makes all the chips inside everyone else's products. More R&D is always a good thing. Let's just hope Samsung doesn't pump everything into phablets, because some of us have small hands. [TechRadar]