Samsung's HomeSync Android Box Brings a Whopping 1TB of Storage to Your TV

By Eric Limer on at

Set-top boxes aren't exactly mobile tech, but Samsung has unveiled its new one at this year's Mobile World Congress. The HomeSync aims to work with your mobile devices and serve has a hefty little Android-powered box for all your media. A 1TB box.

Running Android Jelly Bean (version unspecified) the HomeSync will let users push apps, games, and other media to the an HDTV. No one's actually saying "Google TV" here, but the box will have access to the Google Play store, and can push all that goodness through to your TV at 1080p through its HDMI 1.4 connection.

Inside, the HomeSync has an 8GB SSD for OS and basic storage and a gig of RAM, but behind that sits a massive 1TB hard drive that should be enough to satisfy even the most ardent digital pack-rats. Samsung has no illuisions that one person would endeavour to fill that space (or should endeavor), so the HomeSync can support up to 8 different accounts, each of which gets its own little slice, separate from the others, complete with encryption if you want.

Samsung's not said when HomeSync will be available in the UK, nor how much it'll cost. But if nothing else, it's bound to be the spiffiest 1TB hard drive out there.

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