Search, Discovery, and Pretty Much Everything Is Better in Twitter Update

By Leslie Horn on at

Twitter has made some adjustments to both its Android and iOS apps, and its mobile site that make things a little easier to follow. The keyword is synergy.

First of all, in the Discover menu, everything is now condensed—tweets, activity, people Twitter thinks you should follow are in one stream. Search has also streamlined so you view tweets and, photos, and accounts in one place. On the iPhone front, there's now a search button (a little magnifying glass), which already existed on the iPad and Android apps, but is new to the Apple phone. And in the connect tab, it's now easier to change what you see—new followers, just interactions, retweets, whatever—right within that section. Also when you click links now, Twitter takes you straight to that URL rather than just expanding the tweet. Overall, it's an update that just makes sense. [Google Play, iTunes via Twitter]